James A. Smith

James A. Smith, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

As a well-rounded and dynamic individual, I take pride in values like discipline, punctuality, and unwavering commitment. Having served honorably for 10 years as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, I had the privilege of not only traveling and experiencing diverse cultures but also acquiring a range of valuable skills that jumpstarted my career.

Transitioning to my current role as a high school teacher, I’ve found immense fulfillment in shaping young minds. Outside of the classroom, my interests and hobbies include camping, snowboarding, golfing, drawing, fishing, and reading. Each pursuit contributes to my diverse experiences, adding depth to my identity and enriching my life.

Favorite Lift: Power Clean. It is my favorite lift for a variety of reasons. You must have coordination, precision, and mobility in order to perform the lift at a high level.

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